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TRUST offers flexible customizable event registration & management software solutions designed to simplify participant data collection, volunteer management, reporting, and communication. Our unparalleled renowned customer support, coupled with the depth of functionality our event management solutions offer, provide our clients with a solid foundation on which to build and grow successful events.

Our Best Features

Our online event registration software simplifies and facilitates all your event management needs. Our customizable registration platform helps event.

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Scheduled Email Communication

Create unlimited emails to send to any group or sub-group registered in your events. You may schedule your emails in advance or send on demand. For example, you may decide to send out a payment reminder 30 days from right now and have it repeat every 5 days. This proves quite valuable with payment reminders and guest name requests.

Participant Evite Module

The most time-consuming job an event planner faces is the collection of guest data. Our proprietary Evite system enables your sponsors or main contacts to send personalized e-invitations to their own guests requiring the guest to register themselves. More complete guest data is the result while substantially reducing the burden on the main contact.

Volunteer Scheduling

TRUST offers powerful shift scheduling systems to both volunteer coordinators and committee chairs/leaders. Unlimited committees and shifts can be assigned to hundreds to thousands of volunteers.

Customer Support

Never will you contact client support at TRUST and reach someone in a foreign country or encounter someone who is not already familiar with your event. Each and every client receives a 2-person team assigned to their account. You will never wait for service when working with TRUST. Customer Service has become a staple of our reputation over the last 20 years.

Web-Based Event Management Solutions

Our online event registration software provides the solutions to event planning issues that plague all organizations. Trust Event Solutions offers web-based event management software to bring your event planning and registration process to new levels of efficiency.

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Participant Registration & Communication

One of the most time-consuming tasks involved in event registration is the collecting and management of participant data. Our event management software reduces the number of hours your staff spends collecting and managing participant data without sacrificing a professional and pleasant registration experience.

Volunteer Registration & Scheduling

Our volunteer management system is designed with input from professional event coordinators from some of the top events in the country, including the PGA, LPGA, Champions and ATP Tennis Tours.

Sponsor & Revenue Tracking

The Trust Event Solutions event management software offers a suite of benefits for sponsors. The built-in tools provide our clients with everything they need to solicit new sponsors, as well as keep existing sponsors happy and/or up-sell existing sponsors.

Charity/Donation Sites

With the complexity of donor-tracking software solutions and the continuous changes to these programs, exporting to Excel is the most convenient method. With the ever growing need for specific functionality, TRUST’S ability to make changes on the fly fits well with most event planning needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Our online event registration software simplifies and facilitates all your event management needs. Our customizable registration platform helps event.

TRUST is PCI Compliant as a Service Provider AOC-ROC provided upon request.

TRUST is a “flat rate” company. We charge “per event” per year. We do NOT charge per registrant. All price quotes, like our solutions, are custom, based upon specific requirements (you may request a price schedule as well). We do NOT charge per registrant. We do NOT charge credit card processing fees. We do NOT charge for client support.

No. TRUST is a cloud-based application

TRUST supports 15+ different online payment gateways. We do not charge a transaction percentage fee or set up fee.

While there is no published minimum, 70+ participants is what is usually the case.

All registration data is 100% owned by our customer. TRUST has no rights to it and never markets its own services to your participants.  

This is where TRUST excels. Each client is assigned a 2-person service team. You will get to know your team as these will be the only 2 people you will interact with. No calls to far away countries. 24/7 support, and not only reactive, but most importantly, proactive service. There are NO FEES for customer support.

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Our online event registration software simplifies and facilitates all your event management needs.

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