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Volunteer Management Software

The Volunteer Management System Trusted by Nonprofits and Professional Golf & Tennis Tournaments

Volunteers are said to be the “life-blood” of any successful event. The Trust Event Solutions volunteer management system offers everything you need to streamline the volunteer management process and successfully deploy and efficiently utilize your volunteers.

The Trust Event Solutions volunteer management system streamlines the collection of:
  • Complete volunteer contact information
  • Uniform sizes and fee collection
  • Committee preferences
  • Day and shift availability
  • Health restrictions
  • Emergency contact information
  • Past volunteer experience
Some of the industries that use the Trust Event Solutions software for their Volunteer management needs include:
  • PGA Champions Tour
  • LPGA Tour
  • ATP Tour
  • WTA Tour
  • University & Colleges
  • Hospital and Health Foundations

Volunteer Chairperson Functions:

Trust Event Solutions’ volunteer management software provides the volunteer chairperson with the ability to do many functions on their own without continuous assistance from the event staff.  Tasks such as those listed below are streamlined and always available for your volunteer chairs.
  • Assign volunteers to shifts – Full shift management tools
  • Numerous reports always available and up to date
  • All reports are printable and exportable
  • Email communication to all or individual volunteers
  • Bulletin Board and Chat Room

What our clients say

"...We have spent a good deal of time researching database programs used across the PGA TOUR and I am confident we have found the best of the best. Here is a snapshot of what the response was from our Volunteer Leaders; 'Have I told you lately how much I love this program?!?! I might be biting myself in the foot but thus far this is the best program for working with volunteers. The schedule is great! You are making our lives soooo much easier.'”

Jennifer Spicer, Deutsche Bank Championship

Learn how to implement the best volunteer management system that exists. Call or email Trust Event Solutions today at (800) 446-8884 or email .