Trust Event Solutions vs. Cvent

In our comparison of Cvent’s events management module and Trust Event Solutions event registration software, we found major differences between the 2 brands of event management software.

The Cvent events management solution has a decent suite of functions however lacks in the look and feel department compared to Trust Event Solutions. Additionally, Cvent’s self-branding throughout their system has the ability to cause brand confusion among your guests. This could damage the consistency of site branding. Trust Event Solutions solution will not jeopardize its client’s message by advertising itself.

The security of our client’s data, due to the demographic of the clients we service, is our primary concern. Not only is all information encrypted, Trust Event Solutions online event registration software is PCI Compliant as well.

With Cvent, much time is spent setting up each event site. Trust Event Solutions always delivers event sites pre-set based upon a client’s specific requirements. Additionally, Trust Event Solutions provides a dedicated service professional to work with clients through the completion of the set up process- at no extra charge. Cvent will pre-set your event site for you but for an extra charge.

Finally, Cvent’s pricing is quite difficult to decipher as they offer a per registrant structure coupled with service plan fees. Trust Event Solutions charges flat rate fees that include all maintenance and service. So this is a hard cost that can be properly budgeted for. With Cvent you never know what your cost is until after the event and youwill be charged for refunded registrants

A side by side comparison of Cvent events management module & Trust Event Solutions’ Event Management Software follows:

Item Trust Event Solutions Cvent
Web Based Platform
Customizable Text
Guest E-Vite System
Sponsor Benefits
Seamless Integration of Event Data with Donor Tracking Software    
Delivered Pre-Set to Custom Specs Free of Charge  
Table Seating Manager
Golf Event Pairings Manager  
Golf Event Score Card Printing  
Sponsor Exposure on all emails
Connection to various payment gateways
Alumni Event Module
Pre-Created Reports
Emailable Custom Reports
Post Event Surveys
Thorough Volunteer Management System
Free customer service
1 Year of Service for Each Event
Convenient Customer Service
Same Dedicated Service Representative 24/7  
Pricing and Misc.    
PCI Compliant
Flat Rate Pricing  
Maintenance Fees  
Pay Per Registrant Fee  
Pay for refunded registrants