Frequently Asked Questions About Our Online Event Registration Software

Industry Related FAQ

Is the Trust Event Solutions software web-based?


What types of events have you serviced?

The Trust Event Solutions is versatile event management software for use by various types of events including golf events, banquets/galas, alumni events, pro-am events, meetings, luncheons, regattas, fishing tournaments, sporting clay tournaments, conventions and various other fundraising and corporate events.

Do you offer a volunteer management system?

Yes, a very robust volunteer management system designed with input from professional event coordinators from some of the top events in the country, including the PGA, LPGA, Champions and ATP Tennis Tours.

How can we download the data out of Trust Event Solutions into our donor tracking system or internal CRM?

All of the Trust Event Solutions reports export to Excel with a single click of your mouse. Over the past 10 years we have found that outside of an automatic download, the Excel format satisfies all of our clients’ needs. With the complexity of donor-tracking software solutions and the continuous changes to these programs, exporting to Excel is the most convenient method. Several years back when software solutions remained constant for several years at a time a seamless integration made sense. Now, with the ever growing need for specific functionality on the fly, TRUST’S ability to make changes on the fly fits well with most event planning needs.

Are you PCI compliant?

Yes, Trust Event Solutions is PCI compliant as a service provider.

Do you offer Online Credit Card Payments?

Yes, Trust Event Solutions currently offers seamless online payments through 10 different payment gateways. Trust Event Solutions does not charge a percentage per transaction fee.

Do you charge for customer service?

No. Absolutely not! We believe that it is impossible to implement a software solution into a special event successfully without the involvement of a dedicated support staffer. All pricing proposals include 24/7 dedicated customer support. Although our software is the most flexible and easy to use event management software available, our service has become our trademark. We consider and treat all of our clients as if they are our partners.

What is the cost of your software?

All price quotes are on an individual basis. Following a free and private web demonstration, your contact at Trust Event Solutions provides you with a quote, based upon your event requirements. The more events you contract with TRUST the lower the cost per event will be.

How can Trust Event Solutions help us to raise money?

The Trust Event Solutions event management software offers a suite of benefits for sponsors. The built-in tools provide our clients with everything they need to solicit new sponsors, as well as keep existing sponsors happy and/or up-sell existing sponsors. Trust Event Solutions offers communications with logo branding for the hosting company and event sponsors. Click-thru statistics on the logos provides a path for tracking the success of the event email campaigns. All sponsors can receive prominent linking logo placements, as well as exposure on all emails to provide additional marketing opportunities for the event and the sponsors. Additionally, the event management software frees up substantial staff time typically used for managing the event. Reallocation of the time saved can be for soliciting new sponsors.

How can Trust Event Solutions save us money?

Trust Event Solutions event management software substantially reduces postage and print costs. Our solutions include email post-event surveys, thus eliminating the need for another software solution for implementing follow-up such as Survey Monkey. Time is money and our solutions save numerous hours of staff time. View a cost analysis <Link to U of P letter> of a Trust Event Solutions client to see how much money you can save with our event management software.

Can Trust Event Solutions support our accommodation and travel needs?

Yes. Custom questions during the registration process can capture accommodation and travel information. Existing reports in the software allow you to download individual answers, as well as totals for the questions. These reports even include a gender breakdown option. Many organizations utilize our solution to capture flight, hotel and arrival and departure information. Also, automatic emails can include direct links to hotel reservations.

How can Trust Event Solutions ensure the security of our data?

Trust Event Solutions services events conducted by a wide variety of organizations and companies. Because of our success in servicing some of the most prestigious events in the world (PGA, LPGA, Champions and ATP Tennis tours), Trust Event Solutions features the most secure infrastructure available. Trust Event Solutions features SSL Encryption and is PCI compliant as a service provider.

Once we decide to contract with Trust Event Solutions, how long does it take to get up and running?

Trust Event Solutions is the only event management company that delivers your event management software pre-set for each event. After you provide Trust Event Solutions with information on your event and any specific needs for your event, your site is ready for review within 48 hours. Hence, when the software releases to you, it is 75% set up. All you have to do is review it and make any final modifications. TRUST will always work at your speed.

Does Trust Event Solutions contact our registrants?

Trust Event Solutions provides a powerful engine for you to solicit and receive registrations for your event. You are the exclusive owner of your data and Trust Event Solutions never contacts any of your registrants or shares your data with third parties. Our contract includes the details on our privacy policy.

Can we import our database into Trust Event Solutions?

Trust Event Solutions strongly suggests an import of your database into our system for several reasons:

  1. To automate and establish email blasts to send to your contacts
  2. Pre-population of data on all emails and registration forms
  3. For easy registration of call-in registrants
  4. Include historical data on event registrants
  5. Trust Event Solutions tracks data changes during the registration process and provides an “import ready” spreadsheet of the changes for your internal donor tracking system. Donor tracking and other CRM systems are expensive and you want to get the most you can for the money you pay. These systems are only as good as the data it contains, so Trust Event Solutions helps you keep constituent, donor and client data up-to-date.

What kind of reporting do you offer?

Trust Event Solutions provides over 30 different pre-created reports. Gone are the days of having to create 100% of your required reports. All reports print and export to Microsoft Excel with a single click of your mouse. Additionally, you can create unlimited custom reports, which automatically save in the software so you can use the reports again. Additionally, TRUST is the only solution that enables you to email these reports to your colleagues on a scheduled basis.

Do you offer unlimited emails?

Yes, you can send an unlimited number of emails during the entire 1-year life per event.

Industry Related FAQ

Why use software for event management?

The biggest problem facing events today is the time lost chasing down registration information. Web based applications will enable the registrants to enter their information directly into your event database versus having to manually enter paper forms. Also, there are many benefits for sponsors and event hosts that simply cannot be realized on paper or Microsoft Excel.

What is “web-based” software?

Web-based software means that the software sits on the vendor’s servers, not yours. The benefits of web based software as compared to traditional software are numerous. No loading of software onto your computer; access your event information from anywhere you can access the internet; Nothing for you to maintain; No need for IT involvement.

If our data resides on a 3rd party server how can we ensure that our data is secure and won’t be sold?

When looking into working with web based software the first thing you should request is a copy of their privacy statement. You also want to ask for details on encryption of data and server firewalls. Trust Event Solutions’ servers sit behind the most secure of firewalls. ALL data is encrypted and is 100% exclusively owned by the client.

I like to work with Excel to produce name tags. Can software provide this for me like Excel can?

Most software solutions should offer a label printing module or allow for easy exporting of data to Microsoft Excel.

What if we have registrants who don’t have computers?

Check with your potential software vendor to make sure they have ways to easily transfer data from an imported database to the live registration bin

What are some other benefits of using software?

The biggest benefits should be realized in reporting and email communication. Numerous hours of staff time is spent in these two areas. Software will streamline all of these hours on manual labor. And don’t forget sponsor benefits. If you contract with the “right” software partner there should be numerous sponsor benefits included in their package. Finally, if you have turnover in staff, a blue print of your event will be maintained via the software solution you chose. This will make training a new employee much easier.