Event Management Software - Trust Event Solutions: About Us

Special event management is complex and time consuming. Planning, managing and implementing a successful event can involve numerous planners and an uncountable number of work hours. Turn the complex nature of special events into an efficient and effective process with event management software provided by Trust Event Solutions.

Provides Web-Based Event Management Solutions

Our event management software provides the solutions to event planning issues that plague all organizations. Trust Event Solutions offers web based event management software to bring your event planning and registration process to new levels of efficiency. Our event management system is the most versatile and easy to use web based event management software in existence. The event management software allows you to manage every aspect of planning your event—down to the smallest of details. Our customer service is unsurpassed and our staff is event knowledgeable and solutions-oriented. We mold our event management software to provide solutions to satisfy the most unique and demanding of event requirements.

Saves Time

One of the most time-consuming tasks involved in event management is the collecting and management of participant data. Our event management software reduces the number of hours your staff spends collecting and managing participant data without sacrificing a professional and pleasant registration experience. Our web based event management software streamlines the process of collecting guest information while helping you manage every aspect of the event, including pre- and post-event communications.

Raises More Money through Enhanced Sponsorship Benefits and Reduced Expenses

Trust Event Solutions event management software ensures corporate sponsors and event hosts receive an unsurpassed level of exposure. The increased level of interaction with participants helps justify the investment for the event. Satisfying today’s strict “dollar spent vs. dollar gained” ratio is the primary avenue to achieve sponsor loyalty, create powerful brand awareness, and ensure event effectiveness and longevity. Trust Event Solutions event management software satisfies all three.

Achieves Results

Trust Event Solutions event management software provides you with the tools you need to plan and implement a successful event. Our event management software helps you to achieve results by providing:

  • Year-long email communications
  • Click and view pre-created reporting
  • A user-friendly registration experience
  • Interaction with existing donor/contact database (Raiser’s Edge, Banner, Excel, etc.)
  • Increased revenues and reduced expenses
  • The most dedicated customer service staff anywhere